Education + Entertainment + Reach = Social Impact

Kitten Squad


Partner:      PETA
Category:   Awareness


PETA approached our partner agency sagency to help them solve a problem they were having: How to reach a younger audience to get them interested in learning about their campaigns and causes?

Our solution was to create a fun video game that keeps people engaged and entertained. With KITTEN SQUAD we created an entirely new marketing channel on mobile devices and PlayStation.


We organically reached 100,000 players in the first month and saw an average of 15-20 social media posts related to Kitten Squad per day. The initial average in-game time was 30 minutes. Since then, the number of regular players and additional game activations has consistently grown. We have since released updates and new campaigns for the game which engaged new players and drove PETA's messaging even further. KITTEN SQUAD is now a new marketing channel that keeps delivering results for PETA. 

Check out the full stats here in our infographic:

Kitten Squad Inforgraphic | Arcade Distillery

Some of the huge benefits of a branded game

Here's some of the perks to creating a video game for your brand:

  • Endurance - With the average lifespan of a video game totaling three years, video games simply last longer than any print ad ever will.
  • Education - Have your customers learn about your brand - your way. We'll take care of making it fun!
  • Awareness - Fun is contagious, and with users organically sharing their achievements via social media, your reach will be exponentially increased.
  • Duration - When's the last time you watched a 40 minute commercial? With over 1,000,000 players of Kitten Squad, each player spends an average of 40 minutes in the game per download. That's forty minutes of quality time with you and the player!
  • Monetization - Not only does a video game create a great buzz for your brand, but it can also provide an additional revenue stream for your company.


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