CryptoPets and Arcade Distillery


Blockchain-based platform will allow users to buy, sell, trade
and play games with unique, non-fungible digital pets


CryptoPets is proud to announce a partnership with the social impact focused technology and video game development company, Arcade Distillery. CryptoPets and Arcade Distillery will work together to provide a blockchain-based environment designed to function across multiple platforms.

CryptoPets is looking forward to using Arcade Distillery’s extensive technology platform expertise to support CryptoPets’ next evolution. Fans and supporters of our universe will see exciting developments coming to life within the next months. At the same time, Arcade Distillery is excited to expand into the blockchain environment and benefit from CryptoPets’ vast industry experience.

CryptoPets and Arcade Distillery are jointly committed to social impact. CryptoPets’ agenda and believes to support Nonprofits through its business efforts will be equally supported by its new partner Arcade Distillery.

“We’re excited to work with Arcade Distillery, a team who has a proven track record of producing and designing high quality digital experiences.” said Aram Barnett, the Chief Zoo Curator on the CryptoPets team. “Arcade Distillery handles technology development and CryptoPets handles blockchain allowing both parties to focus on their specialty.”

CryptoPets is taking a big step forward with this partnership after announcing the project at the beginning of December 2017. Expect more announcements about development coming from the CryptoPets community in the coming weeks. Follow their progress on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and Reddit. Sign up for the community Whitelist here.

Source: CryptoPets and Arcade Distillery Teams

For questions, please contact the CryptoPets team community at or Arcade Distillery at


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